Our Approach

At TaxOSphere, we have revolutionized the traditional Franchise System of Individual Income Tax Preparation using our cutting edge System, Structure and Technology. Compared to the Traditional Income Tax Franchise System where the burden of the preparation and processing along with liability rests with the front end, with our hybrid systems and structure

Our Story

TaxOSphere was developed by KSRA CPA P.C. as a model to bring quality tax preparation service at an affordable cost to the masses through its innovative Branch system. K SRA CPA P.C. is a 20-year-old multi-service, certified public accounting firm offering its clients a complete range of accounting, auditing, tax, management and personal financial consulting services.

we have segregated the less skilled data-entry and basic knowledge required position at the front end while the more experienced and skilled Tax Processing and Reviewing work to the back end making the whole system very cost-effective, affordable and competitive to the traditional Income tax preparation franchises.